About Me

  • My name is Valerie Kane, the creator & founder of Custom Interchangeable Band Bells LLC.  Born in the late 50's, in lil river town WI, then moving to IA in the early 60's.  Music was always a big part of my family.  Mom was a pianist, singer, musician, dad was a big name DJ at KSO & KIOA radio stations in the 60's & 70's. Music always filled our house.  After leaving IA & moving back home to WI for 13 years, where I began my musical mission, following, supporting, & freely promoting local musicians, in attempts to help keep live music alive.  Then to Portland OR, where my oldest son's band "Tuesday's Project" resides, & where I continued my musical mission.  Coming back to IA in 2004, I continued my musical mission following, supporting, & freely promoting local musicians every weekend. Sometime in 2021 I came across a pair of my old bell bottoms from the 70's, which sparked the idea of bringing back the bell bottoms & using the extra piece of material we used to add to create "elephants Bells", as a promo panel for local band names.  Shortly

after that first pair was created to support & promote "The Son's Of Gladys Kravitz Band", & "Dick Danger Band", the thought of having to cut up several pairs of pants for each band sparked the idea of creating a way to use one pair of pants & make the bell panel removable & replaceable with a different bell panel.  Hence, "Custom Interchangeable Band Bells" was born!

A few of the many "Band Bell Panels" made to support my local musicians.